About Me

I'm flattered that you'd like to learn more about me! I'm a 22 year old college student in archival and library sciences. I've been collecting Furbys for about three years now, but have been involved with the online community for much longer than that.
Besides Furbys, my interests include miniatures, clowns, dolls and puppets, and horror movies. I won't post anything scary here, don't worry!


Why collect Furbys? They're so creepy!

That's your own opinion, isn't it? To me, they're positively endearing, and the online community around them is one of the most positive and supportive I've ever been a part of. Still, I understand why a lot of people find Furbys creepy or scary, and I'm willing to respect them if they'll respect me.

I want to collect Furbys. Where do I start?

Most people start with 1998s, but there are a few different generations to choose from- click here for an overview of each!. Look in second-hand stores or sites like Craigslist, eBay, and shopgoodwill.com. Be patient, and eventually the Furby of your dreams will come to you!

Why do you keep saying "Furbys"? It's "Furbies", isn't it?

Technically, yes. But, the "Furbys" spelling is used in all official Tiger and Hasbro promotional material and branding, so that is the spelling I choose to use.

I'm having an issue with the site.

Leave me a comment at neocities.org/site/myfurbyworld and I'll see what I can do. Please keep in mind that I am very new to coding, and that this site is always best viewed on a desktop computer, not a phone or other mobile device.

May I use your pictures?

Unless otherwise noted, all pictures posted on this site belong to me. You are free to save and modify them for non-commercial use, as long as you provide a link back to the site.

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