Summer 2018

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Before the winter holidays get into full swing, let's take a look back at some pictures I took this summer.

Marcel in our lilacs.

2K wanted to check them out as well!

Merlin on the back porch.

Wise Owl! I love the way the sun brings out the different colors in his fur.

Belly in the yard. This was before he had Tummy to keep him company!

Jelly Fruit and Buttercreme, the Furby Baby twins, enjoying some dandelions.

Koh-koh enjoying the sun on her shell.

Mountain Dew, Fruit Punch, and Grape Soda posing nicely for pictures. It can be hard to get Booms to stop moving long enough to get a good shot!

Chesto in the late afternoon. I love the way their eyelashes look golden in the sun.

Mystic Knight and Oingo Boingo on a mini-photoshoot of their own.

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